When clients say that they want an audit quite often they mean an accurate set of accounts at the year end.

For the larger more complicated clients audits can be very specific and include:

  • Statutory audit under the Companies Act
  • Charity audits
  • Audit of specific transactions including litigation support
  • UK Government grants
  • Under bank covenants often supporting loans
  • Solicitors Accounts Rules audits complying with Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
  • Audits under the Financial Conduct Authority rules. These can be below the Companies Act audit threshold, so FCA regulated companies and their advisors need to be aware
  • Other regulated audit work


Other typical audit team engagements include:

  • Accounting support including technical compliance for rapidly growing companies through to public limited companies (plcs) and smaller Stock Exchange listed entities
  • UK audits of international overseas groups
  • Managing the audits of international groups
    Identifying and liaising with local audit partners in overseas jurisdictions


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“If you’re selling your business or raising new money, your audited accounts should secure a better price.”