At DSC Metropolitan, our forensic services extend to a wide range of clients, primarily serving our existing clientele and a broad professional network that includes independent financial advisors, lawyers, and other accountants. While our forensic engagements often encompass a variety of issues, many clients seek our expertise with tax matters at the forefront of their concerns.


We have demonstrated our forensic capabilities through numerous cases, with two recent examples highlighting our approach—one directly related to tax, and another influenced by tax-related complications.

In the first instance, we navigated the complex scenario of a partnership being absorbed by a limited company. The challenge involved calculating terminal loss relief, inclusive of capital allowances and overlap relief, amidst disputes over the tax deductibility of certain expenses. Complications were further amplified by late tax payments and difficulties in allocating payments to the appropriate periods, resulting in a deadlock with HMRC and threats of determinations from the inspector. By stepping in as independent experts, we not only broke the stalemate but also successfully advocated for our client’s position, leading to a favourable outcome.

The second case involved a client from a corporate finance firm, dealing with an outdated partnership agreement, particularly complex in terms of retirement and compensation related to deferred fee income. The intricacies of the taxable deferred income versus the non-allowable deferred compensation presented significant financial and political challenges. Our team’s systematic approach and collaboration with legal advisors enabled us to navigate through the complexities, ensuring a fair and amicable resolution for our client, especially when faced with the daunting influence of larger firms.

These cases exemplify our forensic expertise, showcasing our ability to dissect complex issues and achieve resolutions that uphold our clients’ interests. For those facing intricate financial disputes or requiring forensic analysis, DSC Metropolitan offers the precision and dedication needed to address these challenges effectively.

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“Our expertise enables us to clearly articulate the validity of our clients’ claims to authorities, facilitating favourable resolutions.”