Whatever your circumstances we’ll be delighted to look after you, from smaller personal tax clients to larger companies.

There was a time when we won a lot of business by offering the same quality of advice, or hopefully better, as larger firms, at a more competitive price. Clients these days seem to be approaching us seeking solutions to complex problems. We haven’t gone in for large West End offices, or glamorous international associations with all the attendant travel and administrative costs. We take every case on its merits and provide individual tailormade solutions. Like any client-focused business, DSC Metropolitan is more interested hearing what you want rather than telling you what we’re selling. Current topics of interest that may reflect broader trends include: Panama Panicking International remedial work is often dealt with under the Worldwide Disclosure Facility. Like many specialists in this area, our team watched the initial revelations and then the Pandora Papers with genuine interest. We deal routinely with international tax issues and over the years we’ve worked with corresponding professionals in tax havens. Our contacts work to the highest standards as do their local bankers. If there was that much hot money in these locations surely we would know about it? The absence of headlines, other than a few heads of state with either their hands in the till, or conducting transactions they’d rather we didn’t know about, seems to be reflecting that opinion. The assumption that British entrepreneurs and other wealthy families are evading industrial quantities of tax seems to have been a myth. Speculation as to why is probably for an evening over dinner, so where does this leave the putative DSC Metropolitan client? If any of this strikes a chord, please give us a ring.

“Clients these days are seeking simple solutions to complex problems.”