Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance at DSC Metropolitan encompasses two pivotal areas: facilitating capital raising and offering support for business transactions. We are often the go-to partner for clients seeking to raise finance or navigate the complexities of selling their business. Our commitment is to work alongside you, ensuring your financial records are accurate and compliant, laying a strong foundation for either fundraising or the sale of your business.

Raising capital is both an art and a science, requiring nuanced understanding and strategic planning. When you’re prepared to take this step, we collaborate with specialised corporate finance entities to provide tailored debt and equity financing solutions that meet your unique needs.

When it comes to succession planning, we recognise the significant advantages of management buyouts for entrepreneurs. Such arrangements not only facilitate smooth transitions but also offer beneficial tax-driven employee incentives, like the Enterprise Management Initiative (EMI). While these tax incentives are compelling, we prioritise aligning our strategies with your business objectives, ensuring that tax considerations support, rather than dictate, commercial decisions.

For comprehensive support in corporate finance, including management incentives, buyouts, and succession planning, please contact us.

“Fund raising is a dark art. We’re here to guide you, partnering with leading finance experts to secure the bespoke funding solutions your business needs.”