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Family matters are taxing

First Published in Solicitors Journal, September 2021 When couples and their families go through the trauma of even the most amicable divorces, throwing careful tax

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No Laffer-ing matter

First Published in KCW LONDON, October 2020 The Laffer curve (recognized many centuries before Laffer popularized it) argues that there is no tax collected when

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HMRC: stick or twist?

First published in KWC London, November 2020 Insolvency practitioners, divorce lawyers, remedial accountants and other dealers in human misery say go early. It’s only going

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IR35 Bites

The ministry for the prevention of wealth, HMRC and its masters in the Treasury, is a year into the new IR35 regime designed to eliminate

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“Our team is settled and we have been together for many years. This enables core knowledge on your affairs to be developed and a firm basis for advice going forward.”